It is the contraction of Aroma + Psychology..

It is the science of reactions associated with the influence of odours on behaviour.
Recent tests show that we react to odours by emitting waves called CNVs.

By measuring the waves, we find that the aroma of lemon, for example, can reduce the level of cortisol in the blood (the stress hormone).
Likewise, orange blossom and chamomile have soothing effects.

There are over 10,000 studies that prove the effectiveness of essential oils, and fragrant components in general, and new studies are constantly being conducted.  They all show that what we smell has a direct impact on how we feel.
This research is at the origin of a new type of perfumery: functional perfumery.

Unlike a classic perfume whose scent is developed to support a concept, a brand or a story, all Valeur Absolue Well-Being Perfumes Elixirs have been designed, from the start, to elicit a particular emotion. 

Each ingredient has therefore been selected for its ability to create this particular emotion: essential oils carefully selected for their beneficial qualities, immortelle extract for its neuro-cosmetic qualities, essential minerals, semi-precious stones used in lithotherapy, an evocative colour....

This addition of active natural ingredients has not been done to the detriment of the pleasure that all beautiful perfumes induce and this is undoubtedly the real difference of Valeur Absolue: Smell divine. Feel infinitely well.